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A fellow Kootenai County resident who toils in the planning and zoning trenches, called in response to our recent blog posting about Euclidean zoning and performance zoning. He suggested a great analogy to help explain the complicated zoning typology without forcing the poor reader to click off into Wikipedia or something to figure out what we’re talking about.

He suggested that Euclidean, use-based zoning, is a lot like a box of chocolates. Each different chocolate in a precise position in the box according to the map on the box lid. Some are super-delicious, some aren’t as good, but they are all similarly chocolates.

Performance-based, or form-based codes, he said, are more like a bouquet of flowers. Flowers of different colors, different lengths and varieties, along with some greenery and ribbons and other stuff that isn’t strictly flowers but help make the whole bouquet look nice.

We think that helps. Happy Mothers Day!

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