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I felt bad for the boy scout dutifully selling popcorn at the Spokane Albertsons Saturday. It’s a tough job. He was sitting there with his father and what looked like his younger sister raising money for the scouts to go to camp. They were probably there for hours. Although, I’m sure the scout’s troop would put the hard-earned fundraising dollars to good use, I’m less sure about local scout leadership.

An offer by Discovery Land to swap the Boy Scout’s venerable Camp Easton on the eastern shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene for a property on the west shore at Windy Bay isn’t going so well. On the one hand, there’s a lawsuit claiming that disposal of the Camp Easton property would violate the original deeds donating the property to the Boy Scouts. On the other hand there’s a lawsuit against Discovery for failing to close the deal on the property it had intended to swap.

With lawsuits proliferating, it isn’t clear why the scout council just simply reject the wildly unpopular idea at this point. Inland Northwest Council Executive Tim McCandless was recently quoted, “There is no intention to make any decision until the Boy Scout board has what they feel is full information on all aspects of the proposal,”  What are they waiting for?



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Our many friends and neighbors on the east side of Coeur d’Alene Lake alerted us to the disturbing report that the venerable Camp Easton, a Boy Scout Camp for some 90 years, is in the process of being sold to a developer. Indeed, an offer from Discovery Land Company exists for the 383 acre camp, along with a “significant proposal that would fully fund building a brand new Boy Scout camp on a terrific piece of property on Lake Coeur d’Alene.” Discovery is the company behind the Gozzer developments.

It is unclear what the developer plans for the incredible lakefront property, but we’re pretty sure it doesn’t involve scouting. Local scout leaders are opposed to the deal. Local scout alumni are opposed to the deal. And local residents are opposed to the deal. But the lure of big money in a tough economic environment might be too attractive for the local Boy Scout administration.

This asset, we think, is far too valuable to liquidate. The location is one that, we think, will be difficult to duplicate. Turning the keys to the camp over to a developer would be tragic.  Consider contacting the Inland Northwest Council of the Boy Scouts of America with your concerns.

Check out this Boy Scout promo video about Camp Easton.

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