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KEA candidate forums are a tradition as long as our 39-year run of noon meetings at the Iron Horse. We continue the tradition this coming Thursday with a forum for Coeur d’Alene City Council candidates.  

Sure, the City Council is not exactly the federal EPA, but their local decision-making authority can have a significant impact on the environment. And local environmental issues have a significant impact on local citizens.  And we don’t think we’re overstating it. Consider, for example, McEuen Park, Tubbs Hill, the dike road trees, and the sewage treatment plant.

KEA firmly believes that voters should have an accurate understanding of the position of each candidate running for office.  Our members are deeply concerned with local and regional environmental issues such as development, parkland, water quality, and open space.  (Our members are also voters.)  As a community-based nonprofit organization, it is our responsibility to raise awareness of and facilitate discussion concerning issues important to our members and community residents.  A public forum for all candidates to share their priorities regarding our community has been an effective means of achieving this goal for some 39 years, and we hope you will participate this year.

As you might imagine, we have a few questions we want to ask, but we’re also taking suggestions. If you have an environmental-related question, send it to me at terry @ kealliance [dot] org.



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 Although Koootenai Environmental Alliance has made a pact with the IRS to not endorse candidates or otherwise engage in political work, we can still get the word out about the citizenship basics of election processes. And our friends at Conservation Voters for Idaho reminded us today that the primary election in Idaho is only 26 days away, and we’d thought we’d pass along their advice:

Some elections will be decided in the primary coming up on Tuesday, May 25th.  Friday, April 30th is the last day to register to vote before the primary election. You need to register or re-register if you have recently moved, changed your name, or have not voted in the last 4 years.

Go to www.IdahoVotes.Gov for voter registration information or directly download the Voter Registration Form (pdf). If the form is postmarked by the close of business on April 30th you will be registered to vote in the primary. You can also register to vote in person at your polling place with a valid photo I.D. that shows your current address.

Voters do not register with any political party and you can vote in either the Republican or the Democratic primary. You will receive both ballots when voting and if you mark choices on both ballots your vote will not count so be sure to only fill out one.

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