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The long-awaited Endangered Species Act decision on wolves from U.S. District Judge Molloy in Missoula was released yesterday. The reaction was immediate and occasionally over the top:

Wolves go back on the list. — Missoulan (Note: a copy of the actual opinion is linked from this article)

Idaho Fish and Game is “very disappointed.” — IDFG

Governor Otter is “thoroughly disappointed and frustrated “– via CDAPress

NRDC, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit to protect the wolves is “thrilled with today’s ruling, but now it’s really time to update the recovery standards and come up with a plan that ensures the recovery of wolves in the Northern Rockies over the long term.” — NRDC

No middle ground? And what about Wyoming? — Rocky Barker

Wyoming doesn’t care, and no settlement talks either. — Spokesman Review

UPDATE 8/7: Not-very-promising Wyoming perspectives. — Casper Star-Tribune

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We were tracking our Twitter feed today, when an interesting item from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game popped up regarding the extended wolf hunting season in the state.  Last week, the Department issued a “reminder” press release noting that hunters who had purchased a wolf tag for the 2009 wolf hunting season would need to purchase another one for 2010 to hunt in the extended season. Plus, the Department reminded, there’s a hunting limit of one wolf per calendar year, so any wolves killed in this 2010 extended season would disqualify a hunter from the 2010 fall season. If there is one, of course. Oh, and don’t forget to renew your hunting license for 2010 too.

Maybe this bureaucratic juggling prompted by the new calendar year is something that comes naturally to wolf hunters.  But it seems to us that this is perhaps an administrative mess of unintended consequences caused by the hasty extension of the wolf season in Idaho. Or maybe it’s just simply a way to sell more tags to boost revenue.  Either way, and regardless of how one feels about the wolf hunt in Idaho, this doesn’t make much logical sense.

By the way, wolves will be the topic for our noon meeting this Thursday at the Iron Horse, as we kick off the 38th consecutive year year of these public informational gatherings.

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