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Always busy at KEA, it seems even busier lately.  Some things going on that we care about:

The megaloads controversy remains as muddled as ever. Idaho has given a go-ahead to trips up Highway 95 from Lewiston, through Moscow and Coeur d’Alene, and then along I-90 through Montana to Canada’s tar sands.  Two were permitted, but only one smaller load has traveled through town. The permit for the second, larger one has expired, but ITD has indicated a willingness to issue permits on demand and could come any time. Meanwhile, a Montana court has halted trips along the Highway 12 corridor due to a failure to do a proper environmental analysis. That case is likely to be appealed by the oil companies.  And finally, as a reminder that highway transport is not without accidents, there’s a huge roll of toilet paper sitting in the Lochsa River at the moment. – Missoulian

We knew it was going to be a problem, and sure enough, the Sierra Club and the Center for Environmental Law and Policy have filed a lawsuit over PCB pollution in the Spokane River. According to the lawsuit, the Washington Department of Ecology is violating the law by failing to prepare a plan for cleaning up PCBs in the River. – Spokane Riverkeeper at Center for Justice

The debt ceiling debate may be getting all the attention in Washington DC, but Congress is still causing environmental mischief.  Perhaps having learned a lesson in allowing environmental riders in the continuing resolution battle months ago, the administration has recently issued several clear veto threats on anti-environmental bills and budget riders. — The Wildlife News

Finally, we’re still very much Woodsy the Owl aficionados, and we came across this lament recently. Has Smokey the Bear completely overtaken Woodsy as the charismatic mega-mascot for conservation?  Give a hoot. Environmental Law Prof Blog



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Because it is easy enough to do, and because everyone else seems to be doing it, we’ve tallied the clicks and the top ten posts here on the KEA blog in 2010 are listed below. With one amazing exception and one minor exception, the most popular postings are actually very reflective of the work KEA has been doing. The Spokane River, the M3/BLM land exchange proposal, the Coeur d’Alene Basin cleanup, the comp plan, elections, and wolves are all in the top ten.

Without further ado, the following posts got the most clicks in 2010:

10. KEA Expresses Concern With M3 / IFG / BLM Land Exchange Proposal

9. KEA Submits Comments on Spokane River Cleanup Plan

8. Breaking News: Osprey Association Files Cougar Bay Lawsuit Challenging IDL Rejections

7. Butch Otter’s Wolf Mistake

6. Meeting Keith Allred

5. Spokane River TMDL — It is not fair, not perfect, but not worth delaying

4. Hecla Mining and the Silver Valley Cleanup

3. Neighbors to the Rescue of East Side Llamas

2. Breaking News: Commissioners’ Comp Plan Decision to Fail

And the surprising winner and still all-time champ: an old post about Woodsy the Owl.

1. The owl is required to be fanciful and must wear slacks

The lessons to be learned here are: (1) readers are interested in what we actually do at KEA, (2) readers are also interested in what our members do, especially when accompanied with awesome pictures of llamas, and (3) search engines rule, and when people want to know about Woodsy the Owl, KEA is a leading source of information and images. Amazingly enough.

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Even as we refine our on-line presence (We’re on Twitter! And Facebook!) , we try not to get too caught up in click-counting here at KEA 2.0. Just as lawn signs are not a good predictor of election day outcomes, clicks are not necessarily a good indicator of commitment.

Still, we were fascinated as to why our blog’s most popular post, by far, was the one about the federal statute that created Woodsy the Owl. Well, it seems that our blog posting, for whatever reason, has made it to number one on Google if you’re searching for Woodsy Owl images.

For what it’s worth, we borrowed that particular public domain image from Wikimedia Commons. Still, we welcome the search engine traffic to our North Idaho outpost. So here are a couple more Woodsy the Owl images for our blog visitors from around the world.

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Everyone knows that Woodsy Owl is “the name and representation of a fanciful owl, who wears slacks (forest green when colored), a belt (brown when colored), and a Robin Hood style hat (forest green when colored) with a feather (red when colored), and who furthers the slogan, “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute”, originated by the Forest Service of the United States Department of Agriculture.” Right?

But did you know that it’s the law?  See 16 U.S.C. 580p

We learned this after Harold Bell, one of the creators of the Woodsy Owl character died recently.  Originally a marketing agent for the Lassie TV show, Bell created the character with several forest rangers who were serving as technical advisors to the show.  According to Bell’s NY Times obituary, they considered a raccoon, a bull elk, a rainbow trout and a ladybug, before deciding on an owl.  Woodsy Owl was legislated in 1974 and the fanciful owl became the law of the land.

(Hat tip to Concurring Opinions.)

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